What is Prince 2?

Intro into Prince 2

PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is a structured project management method that can be applied regardless of project scale, type, organisation, geography or culture. It is one of the most widely accepted methods for managing projects worldwide.

Overview of processes and how they map to generic SDLC

  • Starting up a project (SU)
  • Initiating a project (IP)
  • Directing a project (DP)
  • Controlling a stage (CS)
  • Managing product delivery (MP)
  • Managing stage boundaries (SB)
  • Closing a project (CP)
  • Project brief.

Very similar to generic software development waterfall life cycle. Here is how I believe Prince to maps out with general SDLC.

  • Feasibility study – Starting up a project (SU)
  • Requirements engineering – Initiating a project (IP) and Planning (PL)
  • Design – Initiating a project (IP) and Planning (PL)
  • Development – Directing a project (DP), Managing stage boundaries (SB) and Managing product delivery (MP)
  • Testing – Controlling a stage (CS) and Directing a project (DP)
  • Implementation – Managing product delivery (MP) and Closing a project (CP)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Project board, a group of the following roles:
    • Executive, the business-oriented person who’s ultimately responsible for the project
    • Senior User, one or more people who represent the final users’ requirements in the board
    • Senior Supplier, one or more people who represent the interests of the suppliers
  • Project Assurance, assures the interests of the primary stakeholders
  • Change Authority, decides on some of the request for changes in behalf of the Project Board
  • Project Manager, responsible for the day to day management of the project in behalf of the Project Board
  • Project Support, helps the Project Manager in project management activities
  • Team Manager, one or more people responsible for ensuring the quality and other variables of production in the teams

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Prince2 are:

  • Controlled project time scale – start, middle and end
  • Frequent review process to ensure that aims and objectives are met
  • Any diversion from the original plan is controlled by management
  • Management and stakeholders are involved throughout the project
  • Clear communication between all those involved

Disadvantages of Prince2 are:

  • A view of the approach being bureaucratic due to the heavy control from the Project Board
  • Not much room for flexibility
  • A complex approach which requires managers to complete Prince training
  • Vast amount of documentation needed throughout the project



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