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Developing software is fairly addictive: you start with a blank file, and at the end you have something that at the end is (probably) useful at the very least, and possibly brilliant at the other extreme.


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What is Prince 2?

Intro into Prince 2 PRINCE2® (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is a structured project management method that can be applied regardless of project scale, type, organisation, geography or culture. It is one of the most widely accepted methods for managing projects worldwide. Overview of processes and how they map to generic SDLC Starting up a … Continue reading What is Prince 2?

Software Development Lifecycles

The main stages of systems development The systems development life cycle is a framework describing a process for understanding, planning, building, testing and deploying an information system. Generally, the main stages consist of; Feasibility Study Requirements Engineering Design Development (Programming) Testing Implementation System development can either follow a linear or evolutionary approach. Within the two approaches … Continue reading Software Development Lifecycles

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